the benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga for Mental Wellbeing

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Disorders like anxiety and depression are becoming increasingly common across the world, and seem to have become part of the modern condition. Our current hectic lifestyles can be harmful to our mental wellbeing. Balancing busy work schedules, relationships, household management and other tasks can produce a stressful environment and mean that we are so busy worrying about the future that we lose touch with the present.

Mindfulness and yoga can be effective methods to help reground us. Mindfulness is a process that involves directing our attention to what is going on in that exact moment, both inside and outside the body. It develops our ability to engage with our emotions and the sensations occurring within the body, and how these relate to the world around us. Regular practise of mindfulness techniques can help to improve existing mental health conditions, and prevent future occurrences by developing our ability to manage our thoughts and feelings. Other benefits include improved concentration, heightened awareness and understanding of emotions, and enhanced relationships. Mindfulness can even alter the structure of the brain itself by increasing the size and activity of the pre-frontal cortex – the part of the brain associated with positive emotion.

Yoga is another practise that focuses on restoring balance to the body and mind through a combination of postures, breathing techniques and meditation. It is associated with a variety of physical benefits including increased strength and flexibility. However it is also well recognised for its benefits for mental wellbeing such as improved body awareness, stress relief and increased concentration. Yoga can have a calming effect on the individual, and has been linked to improvements in the symptoms of a wide variety of mental health conditions including depression, hyperactivity and anxiety.

Both mindfulness and yoga are effective ways of learning to refocus our attention on the present and reconnect with our bodies and minds amidst a stressful world. Our six week course on Mindfulness and Yoga will guide you through the process of boosting your mental wellbeing through these techniques. Each session will last for two hours and cover a variety of breathing exercises, stretches and mindfulness tools. To find out more and book your space click here -

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