Celebrity life coach Dawn Breslin hosting new online Wellbeing Club

Updated: Nov 6

In just over two weeks our Wellbeing Club will get underway for the third time under the stewardship of inspirational life coach Dawn Breslin alongside co-founder of the course Kerry Stirling.

Previously held at Social Bite’s office space in Leith with coaches and participants working together face-to-face, the course has been updated to take place as a weekly Zoom call due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and social distancing.

The popular course aims to bring women together in a safe space to take part in gentle self-reflective exercises to help build self-confidence and resilience. The course is aimed at women who have have experienced job loss, low confidence and anxiety during 2020. Dawn’s life affirming coaching tools are designed to provide a more nourishing, meaningful and sustainable experience of life and success.

Dawn’s knowledge in the field has grown from her practical experience of post-natal depression and extreme emotional, financial and energetic burnout, plus twenty years of consistent study and practice in the field of human potential.

Dawn Breslin says: “The Wellbeing Club programme runs for 10 weeks and we teach base self-esteem and self-confidence building skills. We also teach something called fierce self-care which is about teaching people how to build boundaries around them and to understand what is draining them. We focus on how to care for yourself regardless of the people around you. I always say that you cannot survive if you don’t look after yourself, so we prioritise this and how to self-care especially during the ongoing effects of the global health pandemic which is having a tremendous effect of the mental health and wellbeing of society on a whole.”

Kerry Stirling, Wellbeing Club co-founder, completed her training in Harmonizing coaching with Dawn Breslin a few years ago and together they founded the Wellbeing Club with the aim of supporting and helping woman in the community. Kerry, adds: “It has been a difficult year for everyone and more than ever this course aims to provide a supportive space for women to help build their self-confidence and is about giving them new skills to navigate life. At the very heart of our vision is to create a supportive community and peer support for the woman who are going through a rough patch in their lives."

Here are some tips to help you begin to reclaim your life from Dawn:

o Prioritise yourself

o Say no when you mean no

o Speak your truth

o Give yourself what you need

o Take a moment to breathe with awareness, and to notice what your body might be telling you

The Wellbeing Club starting Tuesday 3 November is delivered as one of The Mind’s Well’s Health Clubs (also provides a Parents’ Club and Youth Club). Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. For more information or to book your space please check our website here https://bit.ly/2IEuibJ and if you require support with booking your place onto The Wellbeing Club please contact Kerry on mobile: 07375867545.


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